The use of Calcutta Bamboo in the fishing industry is traceable back to early days of commercial fishing for huge tuna with “Lift” or “Jack” poles. This bamboo is extremely strong, durable, attractive, and best of all it floats!

Genuine Calcutta Bamboo fishing products has been used for hundreds of years in the commercial fishing industry and is still in use today on many boats such as; commercial fishing boats, the long range fleet based in San Diego, recreational and tournament boats on both coasts, Alaska, and Hawaii. The party boats and long range fleet can use any kind of gaffs they want. So why do they choose Calcutta Bamboo? Because it’s the best product available! It’s stronger and stiffer than aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel. It won’t bend or kink like metal, there is no corrosion, and it is more durable than other types of wood.

Our products are all hand made in the USA using Calcutta Bamboo, Mustad hooks, nylon seine twine and we make our own stainless steel products. Each one is hand wrapped with black nylon seine twine (colors available upon request) and coated with 3 coats of high gloss urethane.

You probably own some expensive fishing tackle, a classy boat and a load of the latest high-tech electronic. Why use a corroded aluminum gaff or a broomstick? Stick your trophy fish in style with a custom Calcutta gaff from GET-THE-GAFF


What are the Captains and Deckhands saying about Calcutta Bamboo?

“…these gaffs are the strongest toughest gaffs in the world. They have been used for years in fishing of types commercial and recreational.”

“…possesses strength combined with lightness, flexibility, power and balance and best of all they float.”

“…much stronger than aluminum or fiberglass gaffs and won’t bend like aluminum.”

“…this long elegant Bamboo grows very straight. It is semi smoked, brown and tapers slightly.”